Technical Information web sites



Torque conversion and Bolt Website:

The above site, provides Torque conversion calculator from NM to IN or FT pounds and also in reverse from IN or FT pounds to NM.

Wiring web site:

Grip Ace: Installation information (switches in the grips) **Video** **Written instructions**

Grip Ace: Technical drawing for cutting and installing GA-K switches. Grip Ace Documentation

Daniel Boone & Co.: Installation information for wheels rotors and pulleys.

****************************** Mikuni ***************

Mikuni Data sheet HSR42 45 48 (Please visit the Mikuni web site for all your data needs)


******************************Belt Drives Limited ***************

BDL Installation and Data sheets:

TF 2000 Installation guide Outboard support

Domes Cover

Ball Bearing Chain Drive

****************************** S&S Proven Performance ***************

S & S Manuals and information for Bike Builders

S&S 49 State Owners Manuel

S & S Emissions related information

S & S Package info for Bike Builders

S & S Flathead Power

S & S X-wedge engine info

S & S Tech Tips and FAQ Pages

S & S Tech Instructions for all products

S & S BREAK-IN WHY you need to read this

************************************** Bike Buddy Pro/HI LO Air Ride Systems****************

Old Style Installation Instructions for Bike Buddy Pro HiLo Air Ride System Remote.

New Style Installation Instructions for Bike Buddy Pro HiLo Air Ride System Remote.


DAKOTA DIGITAL Web site with all there Installation instructions and support:


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